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How It Started

The Great Bear Trail is a concept created by comedy legend and homesteader Owen Benjamin.
Owen Benjamin has been slandered by media corporations and “entertainers” in a strategic effort to silence him. Owen has been repeatedly persecuted due to his religious beliefs and unrestricted free speech with no mercy or intellectual conversation by his accusers.

Even in his vocalized mistakes, which are a daily thing for the beautiful creation of the human being, platforms and various personalities have continued to deceptively declare that his words are in conflict with their motivations of sculpting toxic digital environments. Companies have also declared their lack of ability and protocols to tolerate unsubstantiated complaints.

As technology companies became underbearing of private agendas and hypocrisy that has become truly unbearable in the pursuit of happiness and the contribution of opinion for others happiness, The Unbearables were born. The Unbearables are a vastly diverse group of people unified by common principals, ethics, tolerance and joy in the exploration of truth.

Due to the massive effort to silence Owen and the power moves of mega corporations and political interests to discriminate those that do not comply with oppressive opinions and lifestyles, The Great Bear Trail was made manifest. With support from The Unbearables, a vision was seen, a way out of dependence on those against peace, salvation and equal rights.

The Great Bear Trail is in our hearts! This means that by becoming self sufficient and not depending on those with ideologies that are oppressive to mankind, you can help localize the necessities of agriculture, education and community, starting with yourself and your family.

This website was made to help provide a future platform to unite those that want to become self sufficient and help people become more successful in the endeavor of preserving core values that strengthen peoples lives and communities. We hope that this website will be able to help organize an effort to support each other in the pursuit of happiness and seeking truth.

This is just the beginning. The challenge of thriving through the complete onslaught of the most powerful corporate and political interest is not an easy one, although the greater the challenge brings the greatest joy in victory and accomplishment.

Owen Benjamin has been praised by the world’s leading thinkers from all kinds of religions and ethnic groups for his willingness to defend their dignity and isolate cultural issues and corruption upon the acts of evil itself rather than blaming sin on a demographic.

The attacks on comedy legend Owen Benjamin by paper rectangle motivated shills, power addicted influencers and media corporations will not stop with Owen.
The attacks on free speech, free thought, free markets is an ever growing threat to the safety of people all around the world. The Great Bear Trail is the idea that it is time to build! It is time to Grow!

We need fruit not blood!

This website plans to add tools to help people cope with discriminatory power structures the right way. We can cut them out of our lives and build the future we want. We don’t need to waste time arguing with those that have embraced sin and the lust of power obtained from feeding off others destruction.

“Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

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