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Help Build A Better Future

The Great Bear Trail starts in our hearts and comes to life with action! is to help bring people together that are inspired to build through struggles and hardships.

We aim to establish BearTaria! – The HQ for a decentralized project that supports the growth of local agriculture and education of vital skills for the benefit of our futures.

You can help The Great Bear Trail by making a donation for the HQ to be named “BearTaria”.

You can also make monthly donations to support the establishment of this website into a platform to network people with their very own BearTaria to form The Great Bear Trail.

We plan to build an interactive map that shares the locations, services and projects of those that contribute to The Great Bear Trail. 

The Great Bear Trail was made to encourage homesteading and tradition living. We want to help all people shorten their supply chains to eliminate dependencies and wasteful living. 

Joining The Great Bear Trail can be as easy as tending to one plant or as vast as hundreds of acres. Help support life and beauty today. 

Join The Great Bear Trail!

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